Hi, I’m Rosilyn!

I am not
going to say that I’m
an entrepreneur, or a marketing ninja or event host
or any of those roles that I fill whenever the need arises. Instead, I’ll tell you this: I’m passionate about making things better – whether it’s an idea, your marketing strategy, an event, or just your day.
Sometimes, I’m in the driver’s seat
like with Smackages, a startup I founded, or Singles: Remixed, an event I created to raise money for local charities. Other times, I’m a part of the supporting cast like when I hosted D Magazine’s FrontRow Live event. Either way, you can be sure that I’m somewhere working hard to make something better.
I dabble in
startups, copywriting, event hosting, print and digital marketing, social media and PR.
I love
ranking things I love, Dallas, B2B, buying shiny new domains, laughing loudly, kind people, snarky stationery, all things 80s and St. Jude.
This site is a collection of things I make better and a way for you to connect with me to see if we can make things better together.

Musings about startups, branding, and other things that inspire.

My Work

Huffington Post Contributor

3 Things Leaders Should Know about Team Dynamics from Someone Who’s Not a Natural Team Player >>

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CIOReview.com Contributor

Scary Stories CIOs Tell in the Dark, Or A Lesson in Cross-Functional Alignment


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Smackages Launch – Capital Factory Demo Day

I launched Smackages–an online beauty box service at Austin’s Capital Factory startup incubator. 

Smackages featured in Inc. Magazine

Featured in Inc. Magazine’s popular Elevator Pitch column >>

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Subject Matter Expert for GCI Magazine article: Consumers-Defined.

When developing or refining a beauty brand, the most essential guidelines to follow are those that the consumers define—what products they want and how they want them. And often the best way to find out what consumers want is through consumer market intelligence.

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Latest Posts

Here’s Why I’m Not Confident.

Here’s Why I’m Not Confident.

First off, full disclosure: contrary to what the length of this blog post would have you believe, confidence is not something I spend a whole lot of time thinking about. But, you ever have that experience where a subject isn’t terribly important to you, but it keeps...

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2019 Recap

2019 Recap

It’s time for my annual blog update. Honestly, I wish I were a more frequent blogger (New Year’s resolution, perhaps?), but I’ve been MIA for good reasons. 2019 has been a year for the books (speaking of books, if you make it to the end, let me know what you think...

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The Best Advice I’m Taking Into the New Year

The Best Advice I’m Taking Into the New Year

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year where we begin reflecting on old habits we want to ditch for the new year and since I'm participating in Dry January IRL, I decided to switch it up a bit on the blog and post about the positive things I want to bring into the new...

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